Pouring technology of the hottest machine bed cast

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The pouring process of machine tool bed castings

in production, the principle of high temperature discharge and low temperature pouring should be followed during pouring. Because increasing the tapping temperature of molten metal is conducive to the thorough fixation of inclusions on the top and bottom of the pulling rod, melting and floating of molten slag, facilitating slag removal and degassing, and reducing slag inclusion and pore defects of machine tool castings; Using a lower pouring temperature is conducive to reducing the gas solubility and liquid shrinkage in the liquid metal and the baking of the cavity surface by the high-temperature liquid metal, so as to avoid defects such as pores, sand sticking and shrinkage. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring that the mold cavity is full, try to use a lower pouring temperature

the operation of injecting molten metal from the ladle into the mold is called pouring. Improper pouring operation will cause defects of machine tool castings such as insufficient pouring, cold shuts, pores, shrinkage cavities and slag inclusions, and cause personal injury

in order to ensure the quality of machine tool castings, improve productivity and achieve safe production, the following operation essentials should be strictly observed during pouring:

(1) the ladle, pouring tools, inoculants and spheroidizing agents for furnace pretreatment must be fully dried before use, and can be used after drying

(2) pouring personnel must wear work clothes and protective glasses as required, and the working site should be unobstructed. The molten metal in the pouring ladle should not be too full to avoid overflowing and hurting people during transportation and pouring

(3) correctly select the pouring speed, that is, pouring slowly at the beginning, which is convenient for aligning the gate and reducing the molten metal. Therefore, the impact on the sand mold and the environmental factors conducive to gas exhaust are also very useful for the material selection of the car lampshade; Then pour quickly to prevent cold shut; If it is found that it is loose, it should be poured slowly before it is almost full, that is, follow the principle of slow, fast and slow

(4) for machine tool castings with large liquid shrinkage and solidification shrinkage, such as medium and large steel castings, it is necessary to make up pouring from the gate or riser in time after pouring

(5) during pouring, the gas emitted from the mold should be ignited in time to avoid pores due to mold suffocation, as well as damage to human health and air pollution due to incomplete combustion of gas. (end)

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