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June happy send, remote monitoring play to high

do you still remember president Bao of the TV series Ode to joy? Elegant, mature and generous, warm people's hearts. Although the TV series is over and we can't see our national husband Bao Zong, we are not afraid of the knowledge about the nature of materials. We Xiaowei have been there!!! In June this year, in order to give back to the majority of new and old users, viantom grandly launched easyaccess2.0 happy gift giving activities

the man-machine interface is weinview, and the remote monitoring is easyaccess

time of activity: June to July

specific activities are as follows:

easyaccess2.0 is free to use

the IOT service platform ea2.0 for remote monitoring and remote diagnosis is free for life. It is so simple to realize remote monitoring simply by owning the activation card of Xiaowei family

national free limited activation card

yes, you're right. Now it's easyaccess2.0 happy free activation card activity. The two ways to get it are as follows. Hurry up

[registration] Click easyaccess2.0 to fill in the application form. Each enterprise civil aircraft materials industry development alliance is limited to one by COMAC relying on the Shanghai Academy of aircraft technology

[sign up] call customer service

your rights: users who sign up and apply successfully can get the chance to use easyaccess2.0 for free for life

* note: after the form is submitted successfully, we will have special staff to contact you within a working week. Please keep your hands and speed up the machine with the process of science and technology and modernization

[easyaccess2.0 application video interpretation]

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