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In June 2011, IAC Shanghai, WPA Beijing, and tour were still much less well dressed to appear at the two major exhibitions, bringing a new automation technology experience to many professional visitors

On June, IAC, tme+sensor 2011 was held in Shanghai New International Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled. In this exhibition, Turk retained its consistent double-layer atmosphere style, which is particularly eye-catching among many well-known automation enterprises. As a world-renowned supplier of a full range of automation components and solutions, Turk brought a series of its latest products to the exhibition. The products not only include linear displacement sensor, inclination sensor, rotation angle sensor, magnetic induction proximity switch and other products, but also different types of encoder and relay products and bus products with rich styles. Among them, blident is an RFID product developed by Turck on the bl67/20 fieldbus platform, which has great performance advantages: it supports almost all fieldbus communication protocols; Any combination of 2~8 channels; It can provide IP67 or IP20 grade products; Compatible with all products under bl67/20 platform. At the same time, blident supports hot plug, dynamic read-write, the maximum allowable moving speed of the code carrier can reach 10m/s, and can provide thin code carriers and high-temperature code carriers directly installed on the metal surface

next, on June, the eighth expert from Evonik mainly worked on improving the impact and fatigue resistance of the completed hull made of glass fiber and vinyl ester resin. The Asian Wind Energy Conference and the International Wind Power Asia were also opened in Beijing. As a professional product in the wind power industry, Turk is also dressed up to appear at this professional wind power exhibition by being equipped with the latest electronic control and advanced DCSP data collection and analysis software manufacturers and suppliers. At the exhibition site, the u+ series inductive sensor brought by Turck can effectively prevent the interference of strong magnetic field, has high-strength protection grade (ip68/ip6, specifically 9K), and high-strength impact and vibration resistance. In addition, Turck's speed monitoring sensor, intelligent temperature TS series and pressure sensor PS series sensors (0.5% high precision, clear LED display, stainless steel housing, multi-point independent monitoring), as well as absolute value encoder (for pitch and yaw system angle positioning) and incremental encoder (for wheel hub and generator speed measurement) and other products also appeared at the exhibition. Many of these products have been successfully applied in the field of wind power industry, with stable and reliable performance, which can ensure stable operation in low temperature environment, and can meet the almost stringent technical requirements of the wind power industry

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