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Monthly domestic sulfuric acid Market Review in October and market outlook in November

in October, the domestic sulfuric acid market supply was highly strained, and the downstream demand was significantly greater than the supply. The production status of sulfuric acid manufacturers has reached a good situation rarely seen in recent years, and the product inventory is almost at zero level. The mainstream average price of domestic sulfuric acid market was 710 yuan/t, up 60 yuan/t, or 8%. Ex factory prices: 650 yuan/t in Northeast China, 800 yuan/t in North China, 850 yuan/t in Southwest China, 680 yuan/t in East China, 650 yuan/t in central and South China

more than 50% of domestic sulfuric acid production depends on imported sulfur, while international sulfur production mainly comes from crude oil processing by-products. In October, the average international crude oil price rose to $80/barrel, the average international sulfur market price increased by $10/t, and the import price has reached $210/t, an increase of 5.2%. International shipping prices also continued to rise, with freight rates rising by $5/t, or 6.2%

driven by the rising price of sulfur until the rubber style was torn off, the domestic sulfur price also showed an upward trend. The mainstream average ex factory price of Wald gerl, CEO of LuChen new materials, and Xiao Jing, chief professional chief engineer of GAC Group Automotive Engineering Research Institute rose to 2200 yuan/T, an increase of 4.7%. The production units of sulfur production enterprises are in full load, and the supply of products exceeds the demand

the domestic downstream market demand for sulfuric acid continues to show a rapid growth momentum. According to statistics, the output of sulfuric acid increased by 10.3% from January to August, but compared with 30.2% in the chemical industry, 22.4% in chemical pesticides, 29.4% in the glass industry, 51.7% in non-ferrous metals and 50% in textiles in the same period, the growth rate of sulfuric acid lags behind. In particular, the fertilizer industry, the main downstream industry of sulfuric acid, still maintained a rapid growth of 11.7%, 1.4 percentage points higher than the sulfuric acid industry. In previous years, October was the off-season of sulfuric acid market demand. This year, instead of cooling down, the market showed a gradual warming situation, which was mainly caused by the rapid growth of downstream demand

domestic sulfuric acid production continues to maintain a high growth rate. In August, the domestic sulfuric acid output was 4.261 million tons, an increase of 8.8%. From January to August, the cumulative output of sulfuric acid was 344.79 million tons, an increase of 10.3% year on year. Among them, the growth rate of sulfuric acid in Central China, South China and Northwest China is relatively significant, and the production of sulfuric acid in coastal areas is better than that in inland areas

aftermarket analysis

november, to make clear "The crude oil price previously reported according to the 1997 version will remain above $80/barrel. The rise in global energy prices continues to increase the prices of imported sulfur, sulfuric acid and pyrite; domestic coal and other energy prices also remain at a higher level. All these have led to a significant increase in the production cost of sulfuric acid.

November is a tight period of domestic logistics and transportation, and the increase in the volume of coal, grain and industrial transportation will exacerbate transportation The transportation cost will continue to increase due to the tight transportation, which will continue the rising trend of sulfuric acid market price

in November, the domestic fertilizer industry will still maintain a growth rate of more than 10%, and the growth rate of sulfuric acid production will not be much different from that in October. Supply in short supply will still be the mainstream of the domestic sulfuric acid market

in November, the price of raw materials will continue to rise. In October, the domestic price of pyrite was 370 yuan/T, up 5.7%, and the supply was tight. 276 fireproof plugging materials were still the main market contradiction. Meanwhile, the tight railway transportation will still have a great impact on the procurement cost of sulfuric acid

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