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There are nearly 100 million monthly plastic bags in Xi'an. More than 200 discarded plastic bags on the 30 meter sidewalk are filthy after being washed by rain and blown down by the wind. It has important practical and far-reaching historical significance, and the streets are full of them. This was seen at the gate of a supermarket outside Xi'an west gate a few days ago

supermarket consumption doubled from last year. During the "1035" period, it was observed at the cashier of this supermarket outside Ximen that in less than 10 minutes, 15 shoppers used more than 80 large and small plastic shopping bags, with an average of fiveorsix in each person's hands. Later, it was learned from the person in charge of haomeili at the checkout counter of the supermarket that the supermarket shared about 950000 shopping bags in June, more than doubling compared with the same period last year

Hao Meili said helplessly, "many customers need shopping bags to buy oneortwo small items. In order to protect the environment, we try not to take the initiative to give shopping bags to customers, but there is no way. Customers are God! Since this year, the consumption of shopping bags has increased month by month, and the cost of shopping bags alone has more than doubled over the same period last year."

the city consumes nearly 100 million per month

it is understood that at present, there are more than 30 large supermarkets like this in Xi'an, and there are thousands of small and medium-sized shopping supermarkets that can effectively control the production quality of conditioning materials. According to the rough statistics of the environmental protection department, only supermarkets consume nearly 100 million plastic shopping bags per month. The annual consumption of various shopping bags in the city is more than 1 billion. If each shopping bag is expanded by 0.3 square meters, all these garbage shopping bags can be spread over 500 Xingqing parks

in recent years, with the increase of supermarkets, the use of shopping bags is increasing. Due to the lack of institutional constraints, the phenomenon of waste caused by excessive use has become very common, and the habits formed by people for many years are difficult to change. The environmental protection problems brought by shopping bags are becoming increasingly serious, which has become a problem faced by Xi'an Chuangwei

people are annoyed by white pollution

the use of shopping bags is originally for the convenience of consumers, but the phenomenon of waste caused by excessive use has become very common. In major supermarkets in Xi'an, especially in the food department, many clerks and customers use shopping bags as gloves, and discarded plastic bags can be seen in the dustbins near these counters

in the trash can outside the supermarket, a considerable amount of garbage is shopping bags. Master Ma, who lives near the supermarket, is very worried: "at present, Xi'an is creating sanitation. You see, most of the garbage on the ground is plastic bags thrown down by supermarkets and small vendors after selling food. This white pollutant affects the city's appearance and health, leaving environmental protection problems that are difficult to solve."

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