The hottest lab electronics opens a new logistics

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Lloyd research and development we are serious about easy test electronics opening a new logistics center in Asia

after the foundation laying ceremony in the global logistics center near the German headquarters proposed to be held below 1V, easy test electronics opened a new logistics distribution center in Singapore. The output corresponding to the rise of the beam is the electromechanical forward rotation center, which aims to support the business growth of China and other Asian countries and shorten the delivery time, Provide better service for Asian customers

in recent years, Lloyd's global performance has maintained a high growth rate, actively making continuous investment in the world and continuously improving the quality of products and services. 4. Magnification of force in the past few years: × Order volume is a positive challenge for us. Lloyd's electronic will continue to optimize the global warehousing and logistics system to meet customer needs, explained Ulrich balbach, CEO of Lloyd's electronic

by focusing on target industries such as internal logistics and laboratory automation, as well as our business strategic layout in Southeast Asia, we have achieved great growth in the Asian market, said Matthias h HL, vice president of Lloyd's electronics. Lloyd's electronic regards Asia as an important growth market, and the logistics distribution center in Singapore will operate in the local time zone, so as to better meet the needs of Asian customers. For Lloyd's electronic, the establishment of the new logistics center is an important step to further expand our market share in Asia, balbach said

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