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American label printing enterprises began to implement environmental protection and emission reduction projects

the label printers, an American label printing enterprise, recently began to implement the fixed waste reduction project. The company's next goal is to obtain the green certification of the label initiative for the environment (abbreviated as life) organized by TLMI

our goal is to reduce the discharge of solid waste by 60%, explained George Tommasi, human resources manager of the label printer. We hope that our major certification projects can have an important impact on enterprises and the ecological environment. We have received the amount of 24 kinds of waste discharged in the mold forming process every year, so we think this project can help us achieve our goals

the life of the labe lprinters The project team consists of 4 people, all of whom are managers of the company. They have been working since May, 2010. Their main work is to design and plan the project plan. After analysis, they classified the existing solid waste of the enterprise into three categories: recyclable, combustible waste (processed into fuel) and non recyclable waste (to be landfilled) from the largest research and production base of functional membrane materials in Zhejiang Province. They have written a specific improvement plan and submitted the plan to TLMI for evaluation by the life team of the organization according to the requirements of short-lived license certification; At the same time, the project team is still preparing the promotion audit copy of the life project, which can be obtained as early as 2011. The preliminary work of the project also includes an on-site audit meeting to be held in the spring of 2011, which will be jointly organized by TLMI and NSF international

the manufacturing process is simple. Lori Campbell, COO of label printers, said that promoting environmental protection and emission reduction projects is not a momentary fever. Promoting this opportunity can not only reduce waste and costs, but also improve enterprise operations and educate enterprise employees to become good global citizens. Therefore, the whole company is looking forward to the early implementation of the project

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