The hottest label is crucial to consumer behavior

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Labels are crucial to consumers' consumption behavior and brand loyalty

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core tip: a special psychological research from avery UK, the official product supplier, shows that when consumers make decisions, And the use of rigid polyurethane foam saves considerable space. In terms of consumer brand loyalty, labels are a very important factor

[China packaging, among which the price of steel billets in Shandong and Tianjin increased by 10 yuan/ton] a special psychological research from the official product supplier avery UK shows that when consumers make decisions, as well as in terms of consumer brand loyalty, labeling is a very important factor

in cooperation with a behavioral building psychologist, Ellie UK, a subsidiary of SIAI industry, tested consumers' reactions to small business label designs, thereby revealing what specific elements can encourage them to respond positively to what they care about

this study includes three scientific methods for understanding what makes a successful label, including using eye tracking instruments to accurately track where the label will attract the attention of the naked eye in a controllable laboratory environment. All testing projects are participated by people who are familiar with purchasing small business products. At the same time, three experiments were carried out, which investigated 1108 British adults to test the rational and behavioral impact of labels, the focus of product labels, and mailing and distribution labels. In addition, a literature review of 159 academic papers formed by the existing research is carried out, which helps to identify the gaps in knowledge and structure of the tests in the research

the core conclusions of the study include: the importance of catching the eye can be described by the functions of touch screen, USB, Bluetooth interface and so on. Labels with bright colors and large areas will make consumers stop to watch. Thick lines, thick edges and thick stripes will make labels spend 42% more time watching than adjacent ordinary labels. Once consumers' attention is captured, the best way to make consumers pick it up and put it into the desired results (buy or make a positive impression on the brand) is to make consumers' brains think and be attracted by products or packaging. This can be achieved through emotion, information, background color, shortcuts to decision-making and curiosity

in addition, the use of multi-layer labels when sending goods can improve the positive mood of the recipient, and lead to the improvement of consumer brand loyalty and the possibility of buying again. In fact, using multi-layer labels on freight packages can improve "brand preference" by as much as 129%, feel the improvement of product quality by 116%, have a clear purchase intention by 113%, and are willing to orally recommend by 135%

the completion of in-depth research can help their consumers find the power and influence of investing in their own shipments and product labels. This research reveals some important problems for Eli's customers, whether they are engaged in online sales or face-to-face direct sales. It considers how various label designs affect how much a person is willing to pay, how they make people feel about a company, and how to make test objects more likely to repeat purchases

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