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Labels are simplified with food packaging

the weather is getting hotter, and food safety has become a matter of concern. Recently, the relevant departments said that they would focus on monitoring the health and safety of supermarket packaged food. Recently, in an interview with some supermarkets and hypermarkets in Hong Kong City, it was found that many packaged food were wrapped in white plastic boxes and layers of plastic film, and the hidden health hazards would also make consumers unable to consume at ease

"a few days ago, I bought some plain food at the candied fruit counter and the cooked food counter of a supermarket in the city. Because the plastic wrap was too 'fragile', before I brought it home, the juice flowed out along the opening, and my white silk skirt became a 'flower skirt'." Recently, Miss Gu was very angry because the supermarket paperback food soiled her skirt, and wanted to talk to the supermarket about it, but the supermarket said that such a "small thing" was beyond the control of the supermarket

packaging is easy to break juice flow

it is the practice of almost all supermarkets to package self-made instant consumer food with simple materials such as fresh-keeping film and cartons. Soiling clothes and polluting food due to damaged food packaging are also troublesome things that many consumers have encountered, and durian and other foods with special smell often embarrass consumers in public places because the packaging is not tight

in addition to "contaminating" clothes and making smell uncomfortable, the hygiene of simple packaged food is also worrying. In the candied fruit counters and cooked food counters of several supermarkets, I saw that because the fresh-keeping film was too "fragile", the packaging of some candied fruits and cooked food was broken immediately, and the juice also flowed out along the damaged place. It is easy for customers to get their hands dirty when choosing food. Shopping carts and shopping baskets often become "victims" with the advent of fieldbus. In the shopping basket concentration of supermarkets, they often see some shopping baskets with raw meat, blood and water or cooked food oil stains. It was also occasionally seen at the scene that some customers even opened the fresh-keeping film and tried to eat the food in order to meet the needs of car 1. After eating, they put the packaging back to its original state and put it back on the shelf. The hidden health hazard is self-evident

the label is simplified with the packaging

and in other bulk food counters, it is found that some supermarkets use plastic bags that are really not flattering. It is understood that China's "measures for the hygienic management of plastic bag products and raw materials for food" clearly stipulates that recycled plastics shall not be used for processing plastic tableware, containers and food packaging materials. Plastic products for food must be marked with the words "for food" in a conspicuous place. However, such food bags were not found in the supermarkets interviewed, and the salesperson in the supermarket also said he had never heard of such regulations

compared with regular food packaging, the label of some "paperback" food seems to be much simpler. Several cooked food packages are printed with the word "halogen flavor", and the ingredients list and other elements of the product have been omitted

the staff of the Consumer Association of our city believes that although there are few such complaints in our city, they reflect some hidden health hazards and inconvenience to consumers caused by the over simple packaging of food in hypermarkets and supermarkets. "Paperback" food is generally self-made by supermarkets, and its purpose is to facilitate consumers to choose. However, sometimes because the packaging is too "fragile", which has caused damage to consumers, supermarkets should make some compensation to consumers or apologize to consumers. If there is looseness, consumers can also claim compensation from supermarkets with shopping vouchers. At the same time, they also suggested that major stores and supermarkets should make some improvements to the simple packaging of food when controlling the quality of food itself. It is difficult to distinguish the breaking load from the maximum load

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