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As one of the largest professional label manufacturers in Jiangsu Province, with the expansion of production scale and the improvement of label quality requirements, we deeply feel that the traditional printing equipment has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of production. So in 2002, the company decided to introduce new label printing equipment and chose the gelas 280 narrow width flexible eight color printing machine, To cope with the growing label market demand

while introducing the narrow width flexographic printing equipment, the narrow width flexographic printing technology was also applied to the operating procedures of the mortar tensile testing machine for label production. Through two years of production, the development of the enterprise was greatly promoted. At present, our label products have been widely involved in many industries, such as medicine, target chemicals, food, etc. the material industry is the foundation of various industrial fields, and has been supported by nays group, white cat Co., Ltd. and ony; L high praise from famous manufacturers such as women's products. This article only summarizes our experience and experience in the production process, and shares and exchanges with our peers

technology experience

in recent years, the competition in the label market has become increasingly fierce, and users' requirements for label printing quality have been continuously improved. At the same time, the progress of label printing technology and the innovation of equipment have provided the basis for the development of the leap in label printing quality. The use of narrow width flexographic printing technology has not only expanded the business scope and production capacity of the company, established a leading position in the technical competition, but also accumulated rich experience in prepress processing, plate material selection, line plate production and flexographic printing technology

first of all, in terms of prepress processing, when we receive the design originals, we usually find that the orders designed by customers are mainly in the form of offset printing or gravure printing. If this kind of originals are completed by flexographic printing, the printed samples often have many quality problems, such as the color is not in place, the level is not obvious, hard edges, etc. Therefore, in order to better solve such problems, timely communication with customers is very necessary

secondly, in the selection of flexographic plates, we must also shop around. Printing enterprises need to cooperate with many well-known plate making companies in China to fully discuss the use of plates, the production of line plates, the transition of layers, the increase of compensation for the sealing of point 122 silicone structure for buildings, and the expansion rate of printing plates. These data are summarized and sorted out, and then standards are formulated to provide reference for daily production. Such data management is not only conducive to production, but also can well control quality parameters, avoid the interference of human factors, and reduce the production failure

different people have different opinions. Due to the particularity of label printing, narrow width flexographic printing equipment has its outstanding characteristics compared with embossing and other types of flexographic printing equipment. From our experience, narrow width flexographic printing equipment is not only simple to operate, high in print quality and operation efficiency, but also has strong combination. This means that it can make more kinds of products and have more competitive strength

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