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The label printing industry has made great strides towards the strategy of "sustainable development"

recently, FINAT (Global self-adhesive label Association) has joined forces with other global organizations to continuously improve its original products and further fulfill its industry commitment to achieve a sustainable and more environmentally friendly future

during the implementation of this commitment, FINAT highly appreciates the new facial paper recycling scheme adopted by c4g (cycle4green). Based on the recycling system in Europe, c4g has created a sustainable solution for recycling tissue materials in a closed loop. FINAT said that sustainability is a priority for label buyers. The label industry has the following understanding of this problem: the industry is keen to streamline business and production processes, and hopes to reduce costs and improve profitability by providing sustainable solutions to customers

finat hopes to help the industry and customers achieve its continuously improved recycling goals and strive to reduce label waste. Andrea Vimercati, chairman of FINAT, said: we fully support the industrial measures being implemented to further reduce the impact of labels on the environment and encourage the development of more sustainable label materials and production processes. Therefore, FINAT adopts the new scheme proposed by c4g company, and improves the understanding of customers that these actions will not be carried out without canceling the label. C4g and its solutions will also establish a platform to connect end users and label printers

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