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MNO will present its case to determine future in Métis National Council - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Thanks to a court-ordered special sitting of the Métis National Council (MNC) general assembly, a process has been put in place to deal with the status of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) within the organization.

The MNO had been “suspended” in 2020 by the former MNC president over Métis Nation Ontario’s registration of members from communities that many considered outside the boundaries of the Métis Homeland. The suspension was vigorously disputed by MNO, and the controversy embroiled the member MNC governments in a war of words, with factions entrenched in opposing positions over who is eligible to be Métis within the greater Métis Nation.

To resolve the issuecompletely fit, on Sept. 29 at the general assemblybut certainly, delegates passed a motion to establish a panel comprised of representatives appointed by the four Métis Nation governments (including MNO) and experts. The panel will gather information and present findings and recommendations on a number of issues to the MNC Board of Governors and general assembly within a 12-month timeframe from the initial meeting.

According to the motion, the 2018 probation of the MNO is “in abeyance” until the conclusion of the process and pending the findings and recommendations of the panelShe said she had a recent Zoom call with a nurse extender who would often pull her car over before work to vomit from stress. For many.

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