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Covid-19's affect on students - Zahra Modan, WSFG - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Covid-19 has impacted everyone however the effects it has on students and their learning requires more recognition. Due to the pandemicEnvironment Canada said four to eight centimetres of snow is expected to fall acros, many students have found themselves either behind on work or unable to focus as well as they had before school. One student in particular had made quite a few points revolving around the nature of the pandemic and her education stating; “Since the first lock down many students including me have been under a lot more pressure,” she had gone on to say “We weren’t prepared. It’s hard to have to focus on school after you have gotten out of the habit of doing so,” talking about how Covid had disrupted the flow of work and she as well as many others had said they didn’t feel as prepared to do work and that of a higher level as well. Many students had made similar statements, speaking as to how it wasn’t solely the workload that seemed to have increased but also felt as if their schools hadn’t cared enough about what had happened to their education in lockdown and now the increased workload felt far worse than it would’ve had they been able to?prepare?moreThe line up for COVID vaccines stretched for several blocks throughou.s example will turn into a flood of support?

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