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Analysis of the influence of laser technology on the development of flexographic printing in China

another important application of laser technology in the field of flexographic printing is plate making. Laser engraving seamless printing plate realizes the continuous printing of flexographic printing, and extends flexographic printing to a broader field of packaging printing. The application and promotion of direct plate making technology using laser on photosensitive resin materials has created conditions for flexographic printing to finally achieve high quality

at first, laser technology only carved some lines and words on the sleeve printing plate made of rubber material. Due to the limitation of materials, the carved lines were not very high. This kind of printing plate sleeve can only print some field or simple words, such as cigarette tipping paper and exercise book lines, wrapping paper, wallpaper, etc. Later, in order to realize the continuous printing of higher-level colors, and to achieve a higher printing line, several major flexographic manufacturers in the world are developing a resin material that can be engraved by laser, so it is very necessary to clean it after each use. After several years of efforts, companies such as DuPont and BASF have launched this material. Using these materials and laser engraving equipment, the printing plate line can reach more than 200 lines/inch and 1% point percentage. The actual printing effect on the machine has also been recognized by the industry, and the printing quality is close to the level of offset printing and gravure printing. In China, because this technology has just been popularized, it is not mature in technology and market. It needs a period of exploration and practice, and will not be popularized in the short term. In addition, the high plate making cost caused by plate making materials and plate making equipment has also affected the development of laser direct plate making in China to a certain extent

flexographic printing is a special printing method that relies more on supporting materials and technology, and its development will be restricted by various factors. Flexographic printing in China has only developed in recent years. Although it has received attention from many aspects, the talents who are really proficient in this kind of printing method are limited. The technology and industry standards of flexographic printing as a whole are not yet perfect. In addition, relying too much on imported accessories will destroy printing materials, which will lead to high printing costs, which is not conducive to the development of flexography in China in the future

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