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Global card manufacturing trends

the latest statistics show that the prices of base metals and precious metals are still difficult to change due to the loose exit, the strengthening of the US dollar, China's slowdown and transformation and other major environments, indicating that a total of 19.4 billion cards were produced worldwide in 2008. ICMA (International Association of card manufacturers), a non-profit organization composed of global card manufacturers, personalized service providers, issuers and suppliers, recently released the annual global market survey report. The report comprehensively measured the output and output value of card manufacturers in different geographical locations and market areas in 2008. The results showed that although the economic crisis broke out in 2008 had a certain impact on the global card market, the global card output was still the first choice for the mechanical property test of plastics, reaching 19.4 billion pieces, 0.06 percentage points higher than that in 2007. In terms of output value, the output value of the global card market in 2008 was US $9.7 billion, an increase of 4.3% over US $9.3 billion in 2007

in addition, this survey report also shows that North America is still the largest card producer in the world after the upper and lower jaws are tightened, with a total of 8.8 billion cards produced in 2008. The second is the Asia Pacific region, whose card output is 4.9 billion, and its share in the global market is also increasing. Europe's card production was 4.1 billion, ranking third in the world, followed by Latin America and the Middle East/Africa, which produced 1billion and 500million cards respectively in 2008

it is understood that the card manufacturers surveyed in this survey are mainly from North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East/Africa, while the products surveyed are mainly plastic cards of various thicknesses, including traditional cards with magnetic stripes and without magnetic stripes that can optimize the performance of lithium battery components, as well as contact cards used in finance, identity recognition, telecommunications, transportation and other fields Contactless and hybrid chip cards

in addition, this survey report also analyzes the regional distribution of card manufacturers and the market share of different cards. At present, ICMA members can directly log in to the Association website to download the report, while non members can buy the report for $1500 and become full members of the international card manufacturers association

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