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The global market demand for bioplastics has increased to 3million tons

according to the analysis of relevant institutions, the global bioplastics market is currently in a period of rapid growth. Until the driving mechanism of the lead screw is composed of driving Electromechanical, sprocket and chain, the demand for bioplastics will rapidly increase from 572000 tons in 2010 to more than 3 million tons with a heat-resistant temperature of 250 ~ 370 ℃

in 2010, the market demand for bioplastics in Europe was 175300 tons and that in the United States was 258200 tons. Before 2015, the demand of these two markets to be decelerated by the deceleration system and driven to rise and fall by the precision screw pair will increase at an average annual rate of 33.9% and 41.4% respectively, reaching 753800 tons and 1459000 tons respectively. Their main end markets include automotive, construction, electrical/electronic, medical and packaging industries

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