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New opportunities for the rise of national paint brands of global paint giants

new opportunities for the rise of national paint brands of global paint giants

June 8, 2009

[China paint information] the far-reaching impact of the global economic recession on the chemical industry appeared as expected in the first quarter of 2009. Under the double dilemma of weak market demand and rising prices of raw materials, many chemical giants' performance reports in the first quarter were relatively poor. The sales performance of AkzoNobel, BASF, Celanese, DSM, DuPont and other industry giants fell sharply year-on-year, or even lost money

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for example, the sales revenue of German chemical giant BASF (BASF) fell to 12.22 billion euros in the first quarter, and the net profit fell by 68% to 375 million euros. The company expects its revenue and profit to decline further in 2009; AkzoNobel of the Netherlands recently released its financial report for the first quarter of 2009. The company's sales in this fiscal quarter were 3.27 billion euros, a year-on-year decrease of 13% and a loss of 7million euros; Most of DuPont's businesses continued to be adversely affected. In the first quarter, the company's net profit fell 59% year-on-year, and its sales revenue fell 20% year-on-year; PPG's first quarter report showed that affected by weak demand and divestiture of assets, the company's first quarter sales were $2.8 billion, a sharp decrease of 30% over the same period last year. Even for a giant like Xuanwei in the United States, although the overall sales continue to increase, the profits have decreased. In the retail business of the company, due to di2 On a solid foundation or workbench; 3. In an environment without vibration and corrosive media around; 4. The fluctuation range of the power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage. The shrinking market demand, the annual sales of 1.27 billion US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 3%, but the profit has decreased significantly by 37.4%

this phenomenon not only shows the adverse impact of the economic crisis on the development of the coating industry, but also conveys the message that the market environment is not optimistic. At the same time, it also reveals another message that giants are not terrible, and giants also have downturns, The challengers are winning the chance to rise. Since this year, I have been doing marketing planning or consulting services for several coating enterprises. Taking advantage of this situation, I write this article to share some views with the industry

the global coating giants' downward pace of seizing the Chinese market slowed down

as a result, these international coating giants must be busy repairing the European and American markets on the one hand, and the power of Donggu will inevitably be affected, making it more difficult to organize an offensive like before; On the other hand, because of the decline in profits and even losses, it can be taken out to follow 26 Host size: 700 * 420 * 1510mm. The capital to continue to invest in the Chinese market is relatively limited, and it will be affected by the continued expansion of the Eastern market

for these giants whose headquarters are located in the European and American markets, even those enterprises with small losses, considering the European and American markets as the strategic focus of enterprises, will take advantage of the extraordinary period when the vitality of competitors is damaged to adopt extraordinary policies to compete for the territory of old rivals

at present, although international coating giants such as nippon, Dulux, aolika, Xuanwei, bournemen Swire, Nart ficot, AkzoNobel and PPG are still working hard in the Chinese market, the overall revenue of the company will inevitably affect its investment in China. Judging from the current market situation, foreign brands such as nippon, ICI Dulux in the UK, Levi in the Netherlands, Xuanwei in the United States and BASF in Germany, which have already entered the Chinese market, have seen a significant decline in advertising, product upgrading, channel construction and terminal sales. In the implementation of some marketing activities of 3A environmental protection paint, we can find that the competitive pressure of foreign brands has been alleviated

national paint brands launched a whole army to meet new opportunities for development

from September 2006, when American Valspar acquired China Resources paint, and Shanghai IP and tuyide were acquired by AkzoNobel, to January 2009, Australian auspicious officially announced the completion of the wholly-owned acquisition of new Opel chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in three years, some paint enterprises with considerable scale have been acquired by foreign investors, This phenomenon has caused the industry to reflect on the development of China's coating industry

in fact, in recent years, the domestic coating industry has also formed several major R & D and production bases in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and the Bohai rim, among which a number of national coating brands with considerable strength and popularity have been born. Taking Guangdong as an example, 3A environmental protection paint, Jiabaoli, meitushi, Jialishi, Hualong, Jinguan and other brands, both in terms of technical level and market development, Or the popularity and reputation of word-of-mouth are not comparable in the past. After several years of hard work, the courage and strength of the whole army have been accumulated

from this year, some enterprises' actions are also quite significant. For example, 3A environmental protection paint has exclusively introduced DuPont Teflon surface protection technology, launched 3A "younaijing" high antifouling full effect wall paint, upgraded environmental protection paint with clean and clean dual "net" functions, and launched a number of industry refreshing measures in marketing innovation, launching the "great action to create wealth in thousands of counties and towns", "3A charming baby smiling face wonderful show" "3A environmental star competition" and many other heavy theme plans have focused on the research and development of environmental protection coatings for more than ten years, which not only integrates with the world, but also strives to shape international standards, casting a leading edge in the field of environmental protection coatings; However, meitushi hired spokesmen to continuously increase the investment in brand promotion and channel layout; Sankeshu launched the "hundred million yuan profit and investment promotion action", which proposed to activate the county economy and partially upgraded the previous channel construction measures; At the same time, with its focus on children's paint and leading the industry to launch luoshang mall, these innovations in brand, channel, terminal and other links all show that the national paint brand has indeed made great strides

take 3A environmental protection paint as an example. At present, the "nuggets 2009:3a environmental protection paint thousand counties and ten thousand towns wealth creation action" summer investment attraction has been launched one after another in East China, South China, southwest, North China, central China, northeast, northwest and other regions, which is the second round of entrepreneurship support plan since the "spring action" was launched in April. This round of entrepreneurship support plan will be carried out from two aspects: the entrepreneur competition and the employment and entrepreneurship training project. The entrepreneur competition is mainly to select entrepreneurs with brand awareness, marketing awareness and service awareness from all over the country, while the employment and entrepreneurship training project is mainly for returning youth, construction migrant workers and other unemployed and interested entrepreneurs. At present, it has been launched in some regions and has won the enthusiastic participation of local entrepreneurs

according to senior sources of 3A environmental protection paint, the company plans to establish 1000 county-level agents and 100million Township distribution points across the country, forming the most widespread network of super environmental protection paint. At present, 3A environmental protection paint has been deeply cultivated to the county level in some provinces and cities. The weaving of this channel network will form a very powerful measure for national paint brands to firmly control the terminal, which will be a powerful "killing trick" for counteracting transnational paint brands

from the perspective of the paint market in 2008, the total output of paint in China was 6.38 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 7.8%, which was significantly lower than the double-digit growth rate in previous years. However, combined with the industry characteristics and a series of national policy analysis, the fundamentals of China's coating industry are still good, with huge market potential and bright development prospects. Taking advantage of this round of decline of global coating giants and the failure of major foreign brands to pay attention to the East, the time has come for the whole army of national coating products to ensure that dirt does not adhere to the brand

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