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The global chemical economy encounters the EU white paper barrier

the global chemical economy encounters the EU white paper barrier

April 7, 2003

the ongoing chemical legislation in the EU will become an environmental protection regulation regulating the chemical industry in EU Member States. However, today, with the integration of the global economy, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council investigated the construction of the Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway in Changsha, Hunan Province and pointed out that, It will directly affect the economic trade and investment of all countries in the world to the EU, and China is no exception

the EU issued the white paper on future chemicals policy later in the first quarter of this year. At present, legislation is under way and will be implemented throughout the EU in 2005. Its purpose is to strengthen the protection of human health and the environment, enhance the competitiveness of the chemical industry in the best countries in the EU, and maintain the unified market of the EU. What impact will this environmental protection regulation have on the global chemical industry in the future? On March 26, the author interviewed Mr. Wang zhizong, head of the office of the Commission for the coordination of international trade dispute settlement in China's petroleum and chemical industry

according to Wang zhizong, the EU white paper on future chemicals policy is a technical barrier to safety and environmental protection, which has been brewing for a long time before its publication. According to the requirements of the white paper on future chemicals policy, the EU will establish a chemical

chemicals monitoring system. The system includes three systems: chemical registration, evaluation and licensing. According to the requirements of the European Commission, the registration of chemical products with an output of more than 1000 tons shall be completed by 2005; Before 2008, complete the registration of 0 tons of chemical products with an output of

100 ~ 100 (the operation instruction diagram of the software manual on how to rise and fall); Complete the registration of chemical products with an output of 1 ~ 100 tons by 2012

if the manufacturer cannot register on schedule, the products of the manufacturer are prohibited from being sold in the EU market. The imported chemical products and the products of users who pull the jaw (wedge-shaped mouth) under the friction force due to the action of the slope/p>

should also comply with the provisions of this chemical monitoring system. In addition, the EU's new chemical policy has changed the chemical safety undertaken by the government in the past, requiring chemical enterprises to bear the risks related to the safety of their products, and transferring the tangible and intangible safety related risks such as the production, operation and use of chemicals to enterprises. It is estimated that there will be 30000 chemical production enterprises in the EU to carry out this work

it is the first time in the history of world economic development that all chemical products and products involving downstream chemical users are included in the regulations. The introduction of the EU white paper on future chemicals policy and relevant regulations is a strategic decision for EU economic trade and economic development. Strategically, it is not difficult to see that this will lay the foundation for establishing the monopoly position of the EU in the world economy and pave the way for the economic development and prosperity of the EU

it covers a wide range of products and involves many products, which is the biggest feature of the EU white paper on future chemicals policy

The breadth and depth of the impact of

on the world's entire chemical industry and related industries are difficult to measure at present. The introduction of the new EU chemicals policy

will break the existing balance of interests of relevant producers and operators, and drive producers and operators to readjust their position in the

market and their mutual interests. The implementation of the new regulations will inevitably have a great impact on the original market price balance relationship. The mandatory registration, evaluation and licensing monitoring system increases the cost of products, the investment cost borne by enterprises and the time required for detection, which are not available in history, but also unaffordable by the vast majority of enterprises

When talking about the evaluation of the white paper, Wang zhizong said that the white paper deprived developing countries and small and medium-sized enterprises of their rights in market competition, was not conducive to the economic development of developing countries, and violated their interests, providing reasons and opportunities for developing countries and monopoly enterprises to further increase monopoly. The white paper has a far-reaching impact on China's chemical enterprises, which will greatly inhibit China's economic and trade with the EU. First of all, the products exported to the EU will be restricted, and many chemical products exported to the EU or with export potential and downstream products using chemical products will be eliminated by the EU market with the implementation of the regulation. Secondly, the production and development of Chinese enterprises that rely on the import of EU chemicals will be limited. Thirdly, it hinders the transfer and development of China's advantageous industries to EU countries

In conclusion, Wang zhizong said that relevant departments and industry associations should act as soon as possible to organize relevant enterprises to oppose EU legislation in accordance with WTO regulations, otherwise once the legislation is completed, its impact on China's entire chemical industry will be incalculable

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