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Where will the global chemical industry be led by the frequent startling mergers and acquisitions of chemical giants

since the beginning of 2015, the mergers and acquisitions of global industrial giants have been on the fast track, and the amount of mergers and acquisitions in 2015 has increased by 30% compared with 2014. There were many mergers and acquisitions in 2016, including the spectacular merger of Dow and DuPont

review the major mergers and acquisitions in 2016: BASF acquired Yinfan chemical, kemitel and Henkel's Western European building materials business; The EU restarted the Dow DuPont merger and acquisition investigation, and the 130billion merger and acquisition may be passed in 2017; CHEMCHINA wants to acquire Syngenta for us $43billion and swallow German rubber and plastic machinery giant for 900million euros; Evonik invested in the acquisition of fermentation amino acids, silica, special additives and other businesses; Axalta acquired coating companies in North America and Southeast Asia; AkzoNobel acquired BASF industrial coatings business; PPG announced the acquisition of the remaining 50% equity of paint service providers meto Kote, deutek and univer; LANXESS Lansheng acquired the cleaning and disinfection business of kejuya company and Kemu company in the United States; Huntsman completed the sale of the European surfactant business and prepaid US $260million; Bailian plans to acquire Sichuan longmang for 9billion yuan

until this year, the M & a boom of chemical giants has not subsided. In the first quarter of 2017, the total volume of global chemical M & A transactions reached US $19.8 billion, with 28 transactions. At the same time, the average transaction size reached 700 million US dollars

major mergers and acquisitions in 2017:

the acquisition of Syngenta by CHEMCHINA was approved by the United States

China National Chemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CHEMCHINA") finally reached a transaction agreement with us $43billion, and completed the delivery of Syngenta in Switzerland on June 8, 2017

chemical giant huntsman and Clariant announced the merger

on May 22, 2017, Huntsman and Clariant are about to reach an agreement on the reasons for the purity of water supply quality. If the agreement is reached, the two sides will create a chemical giant with a market size of about $14billion

tenor acquired costal's titanium dioxide business

two giants in the titanium dioxide industry, tronox (Tenor) and Cristal (costal) signed an agreement. Tronox will fully acquire the titanium dioxide business of Cristal (costal) with us $1.673 billion in cash and some equity. The amount of this transaction is equivalent to 24% equity of tronox. The world's largest producer of titanium dioxide pigments is about to be born

Bayer's acquisition of Monsanto has also been preliminarily completed.

in December last year, researchers at Evonik were developing biodegradable high-strength composites to fix broken bones. On the 13th, an official statement was issued that shareholders had approved Bayer's acquisition of Monsanto. The extraordinary general meeting of shareholders reached a resolution to merge Monsanto into Bayer at a price of $128 per share, totaling $66billion, with 99% affirmative votes. The closing window of the transaction is the end of 2017

China becomes the largest acquisition sponsor

China National Chemical Corporation, the largest chemical enterprise in China, announced in Beijing on June 8 that it had completed the delivery of Syngenta and owned 94.7% of Syngenta shares after signing the acquisition agreement with Syngenta in February 2016. This project, with a total transaction amount of 43billion US dollars, has developed rapidly in the past 10 years. It is the largest overseas enterprise merger and acquisition implemented by China so far

at present, the global agrochemical and seed industry has a market value of $100billion, and the acquisition of Syngenta by CHEMCHINA is one of the three key transactions that affect the competitive landscape of the agricultural and chemical industry. This largest M & A in the history of global chemical industry has pushed the global chemical industry M & A to a climax since 2015, which will also break the old pattern of the world chemical industry and have a far-reaching impact on our Chinese dinner table. With this acquisition, Chinese enterprises will officially enter the first tier of global agrochemical enterprises to better serve China's domestic agricultural supply side structural reform and completely rewrite the market competition pattern in the global chemical industry

Syngenta has 107 production bases and 119 R & D bases in 90 countries around the world, and is the world's largest pesticide and third largest seed company. The food we eat now, the green plants we cultivate, and the city must remember to eliminate the initial force and then clamp the green belt in the extension plan. All of them are inextricably linked with this company

previously, Monsanto and BASF also offered extremely high purchase prices, even as high as US $47billion, but in the end, it was China chemical industry, which fought halfway, that pocketed the 259 year old chemical giant. This M & A among chemical giants, coupled with the "M & a tide" in the chemical industry in the past two years, is enough to overturn the old pattern of the global chemical industry

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