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Experience of water-based ink management in carton factory

nowadays, carton users have increasingly higher requirements for corrugated carton packaging. In addition to excellent physical properties, carton packaging should also have a more exquisite printing appearance and more commercial printing requirements, so as to achieve the function of promoting sales. To achieve a satisfactory printing effect, paperboard, printing plate, water-based ink, machine and printing operation need to be properly coordinated. Among them, the use and management of water-based ink is particularly important, but many carton enterprises have not attracted enough attention. Next, we will talk about our own views on the management of water-based ink in the carton factory, and exchange and discuss with our counterparts in the carton industry

supplier selection and management

with the rapid development of flexographic printing of corrugated boxes, which are still a piece of art, and the domestic carton pre printing technology, the market for environmental friendly water-based ink has developed rapidly. At the same time, the domestic manufacturers of environmental friendly water-based ink have also increased rapidly, but the product quality of each manufacturer is very different, Therefore, we should pay attention to the following points in the selection of printing water-based ink suppliers:

first of all, we should understand various environmental friendly water-based ink products in the market and the situation of manufacturers, and choose suppliers with stable product quality, reasonable price and good reputation in the market. The so-called "shop around and choose the best"

establish detailed supplier files, including detailed introduction of suppliers, product procurement, technical support, detailed contact information, product quality assurance system (various quality system certifications), internationally recognized test reports of product environmental protection requirements, such as SGS water-based ink test report, to ensure that water-based ink products are environmentally friendly, safe and healthy, and when food packaging users or products are exported, Be able to provide written materials of inspection reports that meet the requirements

establish the corresponding quantity statistics and product quality evaluation records of water-based ink varieties with each supplier, and link them with the payment procedures to manage the quality of suppliers

quality management of water-based ink

the quality management of water-based ink in carton factory should be in the charge of a specially assigned ink technician, so that a specially assigned person is full-time. A separate ink distribution Department can be established, whose responsibility is to be responsible for the quality inspection of incoming water-based ink, ink preparation, ink inventory management, and the solution of quality problems related to water-based ink in the carton production and printing process. To do a good job in the quality management of water-based ink, we can do it from the following aspects. First, establish the corresponding water-based ink inspection and acceptance standard documents, stipulate that the ordinary copper strip is processed into a special-shaped copper strip with thick middle and thin sides, and set the inspection items of the water-based ink into the factory, so as to strictly control the safety, use, protection, convenience and quality of the water-based ink into the factory

establish an inking room, and the inking technician is responsible for the inspection and inking of the original black. The ink mixing room shall be equipped with corresponding water-based ink inspection and configuration tools

basic tools for water-based ink inspection:

manual color developing wheel, standard color template, coating 4# cup, pH tester, chemical reagent (other items can be outsourced for testing)

basic tools for water-based ink preparation:

milligram electronic balance: an electronic scale that can measure the weight of three decimal places

inking knife: it is similar to that used in production, and it is more suitable for different types of prepared sizes

glass: 18 "can be used for general test × 36 ", determined according to the amount of inking

proofing machine (manual color developing wheel): an instrument that can evenly print the ink on the substrate. The thickness can be controlled by the amount of ink. Manual color developing wheel can also be used

substrate: establish a database. It is recommended to choose paper without fluorescent brightener, which can be divided into coated and uncoated, so as to fully express the color of ink

water based raw ink: Based on four printing colors, it is matched with common spot color CMYK, transparent ink, white ink, purple ink, green ink and orange ink, so as to mix the most spot color ink with the least ink types. (this 10 kinds of inks will be used as the main color matching colors in the future)

standard color matching light box: it can cooperate with UV lamp, D50, D65 and a light source to improve the resource and environment property right system. In this way, the same color and different spectrum of printed matter can be observed under different light sources at the same time

electric mixer: a tool for mixing with ink, and the speed can be adjusted to be good

(to be continued)

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