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Jiangmen "12345" government service center experience record

every call must be answered

fengweiquan, director of the municipal government service center, said, "12345" government service was established in 2003, and the center now has more than 60 operators, working 24 hours a day in four shifts. "12345" has achieved two major highlights: one is the unified collection of information, no matter what aspects of people's livelihood problems citizens encounter, As long as you dial "12345", you can get a quick and effective solution; The other is to unify the processing of information, unify more than 200 government member units and window units to the information processing platform, and form a central database to ensure that the government knows the most real and comprehensive situation at the first time, so that the problems of citizens can be solved in the shortest time

"in order to ensure that every citizen's problem is solved, our system has set up a 'closed loop' link. Whether it is a one-time reply or a sub reply, every call must be replied." Chen Deshuang, deputy director of the municipal government service center, said

later, I also became an operator. During the simple training process, the operator emphasized the attitude of service for many times and handed over a copy of "courtesy terms of government service center" to "warm up February 16" first. Officially "on duty", I was very nervous. I was afraid that my mistakes would affect their image. Encouraged by Luo Weiwen, the chief of the information section of the center, I answered a call from Miss Wu, who called to inquire about the bus route. After a set of standard polite expressions, she began to search the data for Miss Wu. She was in a hurry and didn't know how to call up the data in the database. No matter what kind of material, the mold manufacturing tolerance of medium precision dimensions of plastic parts was the tolerance of serial number 2. Fortunately, Weng Qiuling, the monitor on duty, gave instructions and successfully completed the task. After the information is fed back to Miss Wu, the work is not over. You have to fill in a customer service information in detail, including the content of the consultation, whether to reply, the content of the reply, and so on. The seemingly simple job turned out to be not simple at all, and I deeply felt the difficulty of this job

operators have been strictly trained

"these operators have almost been angry and cried, but after crying, they calmed down and sat in front of the workbench." Zhaoyingyu, deputy director of the office of the municipal government service center, said

according to the introduction, all operators have undergone three months of strict training, and can officially take up their posts only after passing the examination in terms of voice effect, knowledge base call, emergency response ability and so on. Nevertheless, they will also encounter some thorny problems in their work. Zhao yingyu has worked here for nearly 7 years and has strong psychological endurance, but she has also encountered such a situation. "The most impressive one was that at about 2:00 a.m. one day, a working man felt that everything was going wrong. He made dumbbell shapes according to his testing needs. When the worker failed, he sold knives on the street and was confiscated, so he dialed. As soon as he connected, he began to scold, swearing loudly with offensive words. He couldn't listen to my explanation at all, and lasted about 15 minutes." Zhao yingyu calmly recalled, "I felt very aggrieved at that time, but I quickly adjusted my mood. After understanding his problems, I explained to him why his goods would be confiscated and guided him to find employment through normal channels. Happily, soon after, he found a berth through relevant departments and began to operate."

there is also a complete reward and punishment mechanism to better serve the citizens. Chen Deshuang said, "we are a bridge between citizens and the government. We represent the image of the government serving the people, so we are very strict with our work, especially in terms of service attitude and work efficiency. We have set up a special system to monitor the operator's attitude, which should be relaxed and check the work performance." He said that the center will have an evaluation every month. The evaluation content is the "three hearts" of operators, that is, careful, patient and enthusiastic, to investigate their service attitude, whether the input data is complete and accurate, and the communication with callers

data show that since the establishment of the "12345" government service, the number of calls received from citizens increased from 219400 in 2003 to 414100 in 2009, with an increase of 88.74%; The total number of accepted matters increased from 5275 in 2003 to 103800 in 2009, an increase of 1867.01%. At the same time, the satisfaction rate of citizens has also increased from 79% to 98%, which has timely solved a large number of urgent and difficult matters in production and life for enterprises and the masses. The one-time settlement rate of citizens' problems reached 80%, and this year's settlement rate reached 96%. Jiangmen

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