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With the continuous improvement of people's material life, for consumers, good packaging means grabbing attention in a wide range of goods at the first time and enhancing the intimacy with the object. What is a good package? Recently, over packaging has also become a hot topic of discussion. Because of luxury packaging, the price of goods may rise several times, dozens of times or even tens of thousands of times

speaking of the current situation that s ⑴ HM high-performance fiber of shitaishan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. can provide high-strength packaging of mechanical products, we can talk about it from the national attention to the packaging industry in recent years. In order to effectively limit the excessive packaging of commodities, protect the legitimate rights and interests of commodity producers, operators and consumers, advocate rational consumption, protect the environment, and save resources, the State Council has included the regulations on restricting excessive packaging of commodities in the 2008 legislative plan. In accordance with the legislative plan of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, AQSIQ drafted the regulations on restricting excessive packaging of goods (Draft for comments). The regulation department of AQSIQ held a legislative hearing at 2:00 p.m. on September 9, 2008. Tracing back to the source of the incident, everything was due to the packaging of luxury moon cakes. Personally, I think the real reason is that the packaging industry has not developed in a standardized way. The consequences of the eruption of modern material civilization and the use of human desires to a certain extent, of course, have two sides. It is precisely because of the rapid development and excessive packaging that the contradictions between commodities, packaging, enterprises and society can be more quickly revealed. The whole industry is now in a period of standardized development, and needs to further realize the comprehensive upgrading of the industry

with the rapid growth of domestic food processing and the expansion of the growing middle class, food consumer claims are also increasing, and quality and hygiene requirements are also improving. In the face of huge market opportunities, there are bound to be too many competitors. If enterprises want to improve their profitability, they must implement brand strategy and take the route of differentiation. The packaging industry is an industry closely related to various industrial departments. At present, China's packaging industry has increasingly complete varieties and categories, and also has a number of world-class leading packaging enterprises. Therefore, the key for packaging enterprises to achieve breakthrough development depends on the strength and level of scientific and technological innovation of packaging enterprises. In addition to the research and development of packaging materials, the development and manufacture of large complete sets of equipment, and the extensive promotion of green packaging, Packaging design has also become an important link that can not be ignored

at first glance, the packaging materials on the market are diverse, and the design of various commodities is also uneven. Take skin care products as an example, all kinds of exquisite cosmetic packaging are all carefully designed, which is nothing more than to lead consumers to easily see their appearance, but do not care about their internal ingredients. Excessive gorgeous packaging, in the final analysis, is a marketing skill, and the future trend of packaging design will be a stage to emphasize green and environmental protection. So, how to grasp the future trend of packaging design? When it comes to packaging design, there are too many concepts in it, such as cultural flavor, portability and so on

there are three ways to control excessive packaging in foreign countries

at present, foreign countries have formulated special development plans for the controllers of excessive packaging, which mainly fall into three categories: the first category is standard control, that is, set restrictions on the volume of packaging, the gap between packaging and goods, the number of packaging layers, and the ratio of packaging cost to commodity value. Such as South Korea, Japan, Canada and other countries

the second type is economic means control, such as imposing packaging tax on non paper packaging and packaging that cannot meet the recycling requirements, such as Belgium. In addition, through waste measurement and charging, consumers are guided to choose simple packaging, such as the Netherlands

the third category is to increase the number of producers, which stipulates that commodity producers are responsible for recycling commodity packaging. Usually, deposit system can be used to entrust relevant commercial institutions to recycle packaging. In order to facilitate recycling, producers will actively choose packaging designs that use less materials and are easy to recycle. Such as Germany, France and other countries

at present, the state has only issued mandatory standards for food and cosmetics packaging and moon cake packaging. According to the requirements for limiting excessive packaging of goods (food and cosmetics) (GB), the total cost of all packaging except the initial packaging shall not exceed 20% of the sales price of goods. The requirements also stipulates the void ratio of food and cosmetics packaging and the number of packaging layers, and provides the calculation formula of void ratio. For example, the packaging of grain commodities must be at least 2 layers, with a void ratio of less than or equal to 10%, and the packaging of beverages, wine, cakes, health food and other foods must be at least 3 layers

the local legislation to promote the reduction of packaging is innovative, and there is neither a superior law to refer to nor a precedent to follow. Therefore, the draft divides commodity packaging into two categories. Those with mandatory national standards will be subject to key supervision, mainly binding provisions; For those whose standards have not been formulated by the state for the time being, advocacy provisions are mainly used to encourage and guide the whole society to participate in the reduction of packaging materials. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on enterprise self-discipline, government guidance and management, industry regulation and self-discipline, and social joint supervision

the future environmental protection of food packaging requires the cooperation of the government, enterprises, designers and consumers, and the understanding and support of the whole society. Environmental protection is actually a public cause, and public opinion expectation is the driving force of environmental protection progress. In the context of economic globalization, China's packaging industry should completely get rid of the current traditional extensive economic growth mode, only by implementing the scientific development concept of comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, actively promoting the development of circular economy, strengthening the awareness of environmental protection, strengthening the awareness of market competition, updating design concepts and means, and improving the level of packaging design by relying on scientific and technological innovation and design innovation. China is a big emerging country in the packaging industry, but it should become a powerful country in the packaging industry as soon as possible

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