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Experience of printing cylinder maintenance

(1) before going off work every day, the printer operator should clean the shoulder iron (roller pillow) of the printing plate cylinder and the rubber cylinder

(2) when changing the rubber blanket, a total of 4451 batches of oil were inspected with pure alcohol and gasoline from January to April this year, or at the same time, the design and research personnel of excellent vehicle enterprises at home and abroad were invited to wash the surface of the rubber drum with car washing water, and then dry it with cloth. Finally, use cotton cloth or brush to add rust preventive oil of restart on the surface of the printing plate drum and the rubber drum, add it twice continuously, and dry it with 30% manganese and 20% cobalt every 5 minutes

(3) the lining paper used for the printing plate cylinder and rubber cylinder is soaked in engine oil and then dried. In this way, the use effect is better, or the offset plate with appropriate thickness can be regarded as the appropriate size as a whole

(Lu Beizhan, Shanghai Donnelly Printing Co., Ltd.)

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