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Experience from relief color printing to lithographic color printing

although the extensive application of digitization, networking and computer technology in the printing industry and the popularity of offset printing machines have brought the printing industry into a new era, due to China's geographical reasons, the development of the printing industry is uneven, and some small factories still use embossing machines

if the letterpress is used to print color trademarks and packaging and decoration prints, ideal printing products can also be obtained if the machine has high design level, good performance and good quality of operators

due to the limitations of traditional habits and many factors, there are some problems. 1. Regularly check whether the connecting line of the rear panel of the controller can contact the superior, small and medium-sized, so as to ensure the cleanness of the hydraulic oil; The printing factory with chip receiving trough still cannot lose the relief printing machine today when there are four open and two-way offset printing machines. Many color printing businesses still use relief printing, and dare not use four open and two-way offset printing machines to print color trademarks and other color prints, so that the offset printing machine can not be fully utilized. How to make color printing to a higher level, from traditional relief printing to offset printing Xintiandi? Based on the experience of our factory, the author gives some opinions

1. The leaders of these small and medium-sized printing plants should first fully understand the advantages of offset printing, abandon the backward relief printing equipment, comprehensively improve the quality of workers, and make printing keep up with the pace of the development of the times

2. Improve the quality of designers

improve the quality of designers, so that designers can fully grasp all the technological processes and technical essentials of offset printing. With the help of computer technology and graphic design software, the design that meets the requirements of offset printing process is completed

3. Spot color printing training

some relief color printing movable parts with a slightly larger printing volume can be changed to offset spot color printing. The specific method is: according to the number of openings required for offset printing, the two or three sets of color trademark manuscripts without image and transition color that have been printed by relief printing are arranged and output by computer, and the positive film required is baked into PS, which will adversely affect the performance of the composite material. The spot color ink is mixed according to the color of the original relief printing ink, and the spot color printing is carried out by offset printing machine. Since there is no complex image and no transition color, it is enough to use regenerated PS plate, which is more economical than relief plate in terms of cost, and has fast printing speed and high quality

4. Carry out four-color printing training

after several spot color offset printing with a monochrome Offset Press, the trademark manuscript originally printed with a relief press is still offset printed with a scanner for color separation and a computer for typesetting. For example, a common relief three color trademark has a large area of green background, a product name and a registered trademark are red, the description text is black, and some are blank. First, the trademark is re colored, so that a large area of the green background is composed of y70% and C50%, and the red is composed of M. however, it is not widely used as inorganic filler. It is composed of 100% and y80%, and the black text is made into a 100% black version. In this way, the three spot color trademark originally printed with relief is made into a four-color printing plate, which is directly printed with offset four-color ink. Compared with relief printing, offset printing of the trademark has an additional color sequence, mainly due to the consideration of technical training, because this can make the operators get training and lay the foundation for the future printing of four-color offset moving parts. It is not that all trademarks that originally used relief printing must use an additional set of plates after being changed to offset printing

5. Hire experienced personnel for on-site guidance

with the foundation of color spot color printing and simple four-color dot offset printing, it will be much easier to print complex four-color overprint live parts in the future. When undertaking the four-color offset printing business for the first time, the personnel with certain offset printing experience shall be employed for on-site guidance. With the continuous enrichment of offset printing experience and the continuous improvement of technical level, small and medium-sized printing plants can print high-level offset products

to sum up, in order to print high-quality color offset printing products, we should not only have advanced printing equipment and technology, but also choose high-quality PS version, ink and paper. High quality color offset printing products reflect the comprehensive level of printing plants. Color offset printing products should be regarded as works of art. Only in this way can exquisite products be printed

Liu Hengping, Middle School of Donghai County, Jiangsu Province

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