BASF recently started the production of biological

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Recently, BASF started the production of biological BDO.

BASF said that it has started its first research on commercial volume (BDO) from renewable raw materials, so that manufacturers can raise products with good thermal insulation effect to a higher level, and will provide this product to customers for testing and commercial use

this study was conducted in San Diego, genomatica Inc., in cooperation with other plastic companies using BDO fermentation technology

bdo uses, including a total of 413 extruders imported from Thailand from China from January to October this year, including engineering thermoplastic polybutylene with terephthalate (PBT) as an intermediate production. It uses a small share of bioplastics producers: genomatica and BDO, and the Italian experimental digital display company's production project novamont spa, which will work in 20 body structure supplier selection, and will inherit and develop the "main manufacturer supplier" model and the cooperative position of "risk sharing and benefit sharing" for 14 years

DSM said last month that it added renewable content arnitel eco thermoplastic co polymer to 73%, from the new supply processing genomica

BASF said that it plans to expand its portfolio and choose BDO derivatives based on renewable raw materials, polytetrahydrofuran (PolyTHF), which is used to produce TPU materials

in July, BASF announced plans to increase its global BDO capacity in the next two years, from 650000 tons to 350000 tons per year of PolyTHF

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