A brief analysis of the two popular trends of temp

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A brief analysis of the two popular trends of tempered glass in 2012

in China, the self explosion rate of 1% - 3% of tempered glass is considered acceptable, and the electromechanical industry has always believed that the particles formed after the self explosion of tempered glass are just 'glass rain', but a large number of injury accidents have successively denied this theory, and at the same time, experiments have proved that glass particles flying from high places have great impact, like bullets, Although small in size, it has great destructive power

tempered glass first appeared abroad in the 1930s and 1940s. China introduced it in the 1990s. The goal of 200 Nike is to promote world progress through the power of sports. Three years later, four ministries and commissions issued the "Regulations on the administration of building safety glass" requiring curtain wall glass to use tempered glass, and the market of tempered glass in China was completely opened

trend 1. The production concentration of tempered glass in 2011

the guiding opinions on the development of the building materials industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period proposed that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, we should basically eliminate the backward production capacity of flat glass, speed up the merger and reorganization process of the flat glass industry, and further improve the production concentration. According to the planning goal, the production concentration of zero position switches in the top 10 glass enterprises has increased from 57% in 2011 to 75% in 2015

the drastic and centralized reform of flat glass in the 12th Five year plan not only reflects the government's integration of the domestic hardware and Electromechanical market, but also symbolically sets a hard target for the standardized production of related industries. Obviously, the survival of the fittest in the glass industry will be another shuffle phenomenon in the electromechanical industry

insiders said that the solution to reduce the "self explosion" of tempered glass is to homogenize the tempered glass, reheat the tempered glass to ℃, and then keep it warm for hours, so that the tempered glass that has conditions to self explode will burst in this process

however, only a few tempered glass enterprises have reached this index. In other words, the tempered glass entering the market is rarely safety glass in the real sense. Therefore, in 2011, the production indicators and specifications of tempered glass will gradually enter the "law enforcement area" from the "blank area", and the tempered glass enterprises with low production capacity and low quality workshops will naturally enter the period of merger and reorganization

trend 2 in 2012, the tempered glass market was subdivided

in 2012, the guiding opinions on the development of the building materials industry during the 12th Five year plan was issued, and the opinions proposed to focus on supporting and developing new materials and high-end special building materials products. Tempered glass, known as "safety glass" in the electromechanical industry, is naturally listed in the "12th Five Year Plan"

the reason why tempered glass is called "safety glass" in the electromechanical industry is that tempered glass has the characteristics of high impact strength (4-5 times higher than ordinary flat glass), high bending strength (5 times higher than ordinary flat glass), good thermal stability, bright and clean, transparent, etc

tempered glass is also widely used in urban construction planning and citizen decoration because of its own advantages of wind pressure resistance, cold and summer heat resistance and impact compared with ordinary glass. Therefore, in order to adapt to different applications, such as 1. Architecture, building formwork, decoration industry (such as doors and windows, curtain walls, interior decoration, etc.); 2. Furniture manufacturing industry (glass coffee table, furniture accessories, etc.); 3. Home appliance manufacturing 12. Stress control rate range: 0.005% - 6% fs/s industry (TV, oven, air conditioner, refrigerator and other products); 4. Electronics and instrument industry (, MP3, MP4, clocks and other digital products); 5. Automobile manufacturing industry (automobile windshield, etc.); 6. Market segmentation is also the general trend of tempered glass in the daily-use products industry (glass kitchen board, etc.); 7. Special industries (military glass), etc

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