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Open up again! BASF joins hands with CAS to seek innovative development

further development! BASF joins hands with CAS to seek innovative development

January 4, 2021

recently, BASF and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The two sides will deepen the long-term strategic partnership, continue to innovate together, speed up value-added applications and ensure the speed of listing solutions during long-term experiments

according to the agreement, important research institutions under the Chinese Academy of Sciences will further expand their cooperation with BASF, including Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Institute of process engineering, Shanghai Institute of higher learning and other famous research institutions. Professional R & D teams and innovative young talents will jointly explore advanced materials and systems, chemical process engineering, life sciences and other frontier fields of coatings. At the same time, BASF and the Chinese Academy of Sciences will also continue their efforts to promote the digitalization of joint scientific research projects

the two sides will take the signing of this strategic cooperation as an opportunity to cultivate more talents for the chemical industry and continue to play the core role of talents in the field of innovation by relying on BASF Asia Open Research Network (NAO)

the president building of BASF global advanced materials and systems R & D dropped by 0.81% and 7.2% respectively, Dr. Jianfeng said: "We are very glad to have the opportunity to cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has more than 80% of China's large-scale scientific facilities and more than 100 national key laboratories and engineering centers. This cooperation will strengthen BASF's innovation ability and accelerate the commercialization of research and development achievements. By pooling the deep expertise of both sides, we will research and develop innovative products and solutions to promote China's economic growth and sustainable development."

academician Zhang Yaping, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said, "innovation has always been the main driving force for China's development. The close cooperation with BASF to lay the foundation for two years' growth reflects our focus on innovation in the chemical industry. Next, the two sides will continue to strengthen cooperation, jointly develop cutting-edge technologies, and help China achieve high-quality development."

the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a national science think tank and academic management institution, providing advice and opinions on national economy, social development and scientific and technological progress. As a leading scientific research institution in China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has strong chemical research and development strength, and has also had many successful projects with BASF. The plastic tensile testing machine adopts the motor-1 integrated design, which is mainly composed of force measuring sensors, transmitters, microprocessors, load driving mechanisms, computers and color inkjet printers

BASF is using its Asian open research network platform to improve the R & D capability of the Asia Pacific region and strengthen talent training. Since the establishment of the platform in March 2014, BASF and its partners have completed more than 70 joint research projects, covering diversified R & D fields including new monomers, polymers and their applications, surfaces and interfaces, coatings, catalysis, battery materials, chemical engineering processes, pesticides, digital and intelligent production

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