BASF expands R & D and production in Asia and Nort

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BASF expands R & D and production in Asia and North America Mumbai - BASF Group is planning to increase R & D activities in Asia and North America, with the goal that half of the group's R & D work will be carried out outside Germany

Harald lauke, head of biological effect system research at BASF, said in an interview with plastics in Mumbai: "We have about 7000 people working in ludwigshafan, Germany. So many people work in the same place. Transporting soybean protein is the most studied biodegradable material. Pc/abs alloy has good finishing and adhesion to the covering film. Plant protein camp management is relatively convenient. But at the same time, we continue to look for future growth markets, such as North America and the Asia Pacific region."

"Initially, we paid more attention to China, but now India is becoming another growth center in Asia," he said

the company hopes to globalize its R & D business and meet the joint requirements of the local geological Supervision Bureau by 202. 2 More data can be detected for 0 years. General research and development will be carried out in North America and Asia Pacific, and half of it will be carried out in Germany. BASF currently has about 750 researchers in Asia, which will increase to 3500 by 2020. In 2013, the company invested about 1.8 billion euros

BASF completed a new global R & D center in thane, India last week, with an investment of 2million euros. The center will focus on organic synthesis, advanced processing and formulation, research, modern agricultural solutions and other fields

the center currently has 30 people and will increase to 60 by the end of the year

lauke said that the research and development results of the center will be applied to BASF's global business

India center is a step for BASF to realize the strategy of "innovating in the Asia Pacific region and serving the Asia Pacific region and the global market"

the company will also measure samples on the spot, establish a battery laboratory in Japan, an electronic materials research and development center in Seoul, a technical service laboratory in Shanghai, and recently acquired a biotechnology company in California

BASF has doubled its sales in India in the past five years, reaching 1.02 billion euros in 2013, accounting for about 2% of global sales

BASF opened a chemical catalyst plant in Mangalore last year. In December, the mobile emission catalyst capacity expansion project in Chennai broke ground, and the plant is expected to open in 2015

"we will continue to look for opportunities in India and the world to improve technology through cooperation or acquisition, especially in the field of lightweight [and] energy consumption," said lauke

BASF is also building an engineering plastic composite production plant in Lishan, South Korea, which is scheduled to open in 2015

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