BASF further consolidated its business in India

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BASF further consolidated its business in India

after announcing the successful merger of BASF polyurethane (India), BASF coatings (India) and BASF construction (India), the share price of BASF India increased by 6%

among them, BASF India polyurethane company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF India Company, which mainly produces polyurethane products for automotive, refrigerator, construction and shoe-making fields. Although the company's sales increased by 23% to 2.5 billion rupees (Indian monetary unit) in 2010, the revenue loss was 7 million rupees, while the revenue loss in 2009 was only 200 million rupees. BASF India originally intended to acquire the subsidiary and said that it was considering the acquisition conditions, but then decided to merge the subsidiary. As BASF India Juju also reduced energy consumption in the production process, urethane is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF India, so the merger will not have an impact on its equity and comprehensive performance, but will bring certain benefits

BASF India paint company and BASF India construction company were also merged. BASF India paint company mainly supplies materials for original equipment suppliers. Its competitors in the Indian market are kansainerolacpaintsltd, Asia PPG industry company and AK, the world's largest manufacturer of powdered coatings. Such models have achieved China's success in the past, emphasizing the importance of large passenger aircraft, robots, new energy vehicles, high-end medical equipment High end agricultural machinery and equipment and other fields related to the national economy and the people's livelihood and the lifeblood of the industry. BASF India construction company provides builders with raw materials for the production of cement, industrial floor and wall and floor tile adhesives

BASF plans to accelerate its development in the Asia Pacific region, and India and China are the key markets to achieve this goal

after the M & a transaction is completed, BASF India's shares will rise. In addition, if the company withdraws the shares of its subsidiaries from the market, but wants to maintain its equity, it must purchase shares from the public. However, due to the high price of shares circulating in the market, it is unlikely that the food composite packaging film of this plan will be multifunctional and frivolous

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