BASF India plans to improve energy efficiency

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BASF India branch plans to improve energy efficiency

BASF India branch plans to improve energy efficiency

on September 22, 2016, read the company chairman Wu Kunyuan's notice: ldquo; Other peer enterprises generally can only press a single circuit board product to 8 layers: Source: puworld | contribution

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on Tuesday, a senior executive of BASF India branch announced that the company will start to improve plant energy efficiency, and this plan is expected to continue until 2020

Raman Ramachandran, leader of BASF India branch, unveiled this plan at a thematic discussion meeting of this "join hands for sustainable development" (TFs) summit, and stated that this will become one of the company's medium and long-term goals, which fully reflects its emphasis on sustainable development

the symposium was led by vishvesh Prabhakar, general manager of Accenture. At the meeting, leaders of major chemical enterprises around the world exchanged views on issues such as the sustainable development of the company, and expressed their views and concerns

Jacques Perez, chief financial officer of LANXESS India branch, also said at the meeting: "As a part of the development strategy of using universal testing machines and pressure testing machines for sustainable users, the company has carried out a comprehensive wastewater treatment project in Madhya Pradesh, India, to promote the recycling of industrial wastewater, which is related to the disadvantages of excessive range of electronic universal machines. Since the implementation of the project, the utilization efficiency of water resources has been increased by as much as seven times."

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